Saturday, January 07, 2006

Midwinter thaw! Again and again. A lovely, sunny morning riverside. Ellie loves the Chemung River, and is eager to rush to the waterfront. The slippery walk through the woods leaves me wary of shoreline strolling.  Posted by Picasa

We are certainly not the first today. Fresh paintball marks (and lots of footprints) give away a hearty game in the early morning hours. Gladdens my heart to know the place is well-used. Posted by Picasa

This is Ellies favorite spot, now quite flooded and with a thin coat of ice. She dutifully tested the water and backed out, losing interest when her feet sank into the grasses. Posted by Picasa

Doggy on the rise. Owner behind the trees. There's a sort of etiquette that permits us all to stroll alone, with only the dogs acutely aware of the others. It's peaceful. Posted by Picasa

I've enhanced this photo to outline the homes. They are simply not visible from Spring to Fall. They seem so close now. Practically don't exist in the summertime. Posted by Picasa

Another spot that Ellie favors, but the water is too cold. Even the sun feels cold this morning. Sort of a frigid beauty, our Chemung in the winter. Posted by Picasa

An ancient roadway. Okay, not so ancient, but there haven't been neighborhoods here in decades. And the flood of 1972 ensured there never would be again. At least not until we invent flood-proof neighborhoods. Posted by Picasa

A bit of a struggle ahead to climb the levee, but the roadway makes it easier. Ellie is extremely reluctant to return to the neighborhoods, but it is time. We are exhausted. Good hike, though... Posted by Picasa

Want More Chemung River?

More seasons, more scenery?

Then you've got to go to Riverfest2005. Ellie and I began our adventures last year, when we finally took a camera on our walk to the levee. Real bloggers need not apply: just snapshots and some short stories.

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