Saturday, November 18, 2006

Last Post of the Season

The levee is still very green and the woods are fallish. We cannot go along the river itself, and may not see the water's edge before the end of 2006. Way too muddy and very dangerous for a little dog and a partly-disabled walker. The Chemung River is very high and rushing right along. I could easily lose my little buddy, so we'll just follow the dike itself.

The woods are very noisy this morning. Crows, ravens and vultures are just out of range, but screaming up a storm. If we came looking for peace, we didn't find it. Although the woods and the strand are serene looking enough.

Wooded swamp, swampy woods

Flooding makes the woods treacherous. Heavy duty boots are needed to visit. We chose not to visit, but instead walked along the levee and reentered the neighborhoods.