Monday, July 10, 2006

Deer, deer..

The recent rains have made the grass and woodlands lush. Ellie and I were coming up on the levee at the bottom of Dininny when we could hear the tractor-mowers.

When we crested the levee, we found a doe right at our level, watching the mowers. She seemed remarkably unperturbed by the noise and simply headed down the wall, through the unmown grass. I regretted leaving the camera home. It was too hot to carry anything extra.

The doe could walk mostly through woods to get to the Chemung, but she would have to pass through at least one full block of back yards. Bet a number of West Elmirans got a few great snapshots of her passing through today.

She disappeared into the narrow strand of woods. And they were high enough with brush that we never saw her again. Ellie swam and drank and I swatted insects off my body. Then we went back.

I had to carry her much of the way home. The roads are already scorching. It's 10:00AM.

Little Pond