Tuesday, March 14, 2006

After the Thunderstorms.

Our last visit to the Chemung River while we still can walk. Somewhere. Walkways have become inlets and the mud is treacherously soft and deep. Until the drier part of spring, we will not be able to use these paths again.
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Our waterfront is water! And there is trash everywhere. The river must've flowed like the dickens during the recent storms. Posted by Picasa

HuggaMutt seems a little surprised by all the water. Her path to the river is inundated right now. Posted by Picasa

Ellie can usually dabble in the water here, but the river's too high. And fast. I won't let her down the slope. Posted by Picasa

Shot between the trees. Lucky landowner little castle visible only in the winter. Posted by Picasa

Still smoking remnants of a Saturday night party. Nothing really changes over the decades. We did this sort of thing when we were young. Posted by Picasa

Stolen sign still in tree. Area isn't so carefully maintained as I thought. Been there a few months, now. Posted by Picasa