Sunday, February 19, 2006

February morning on the Strand

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My partner in crime, testing the ice again. Just have to show everyone how safe it is. For little dachshunds, not humans. Check out the rest of the photos from a heavenly winter walk along the strand.

Little Pond

Try again? Don't think so.

Ah, yes. The scene of the crime. Wouldn't dare try the ice today, but Ellie did. It held just fine. Wonder if she was thinking about the deceased racoon just behind the trees there? Posted by Picasa

Ice patches on the Chemung

Further upriver, we saw more and more ice. But the river continues to flow, no doubt due to a new release up at Hammond-Tioga Dam. Posted by Picasa

Inching on the Ice

We moved along upriver, in hopes of finding a small clearing where Ellie could sip. The ice held her well, and any little cracking sound made me haul her back ashore. The cold wind finally sent us back to civilization. Posted by Picasa